Singing Water

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My first spiritual mentor taught me how to make “singing water” which I have used with good results ever since. I’ve never read anything about singing water in books and have never heard anyone speak of it. I have shared this privately with a few people over the years and they also love the practice and have had success with it, so I thought I’d share it here.

I maintain at least half a dozen altars but generally clear a space on my healing altar to make the singing water. I buy a gallon of spring water for this purpose. There are other types of waters that I make that involve collecting rain water during certain times of the year. You could use rain water collected during a time that is meaningful to you if you wish to do so. I don’t do that because I offer a small amount of the Singing Water to clients who come for readings and spiritual work. Some people feel better about drinking bottled spring water as opposed to rain water, that’s why I use it.

You may time the making of the Singing Water to a lunar phase, a day of the week, a holy day, the feast day of a patron saint, etc. Any timing or ceremonial practices that are going to make it more meaningful to you can be added.
If you’re a healer and have particular deities and spirit guides that you call upon for help, it would be wise to have them represented on the altar at this time. Before I place the bottle of water on the prepared altar I smudge it with either sage, Palo Santo or a good resin incense. I follow that by anointing the bottle with Holy Oil.

Standing or sitting in front of the altar, I open my heart to the water and speak to it as a living being who can hear and understand me. I ask it to bless anyone who comes in contact with it with health, peace, prosperity, joy and love. I ask all spiritual beings whom I work with to bless the water as well.

Finally, I begin to sing spiritual songs and chants to the water. These can be Christian hymns, Pagan chants, medicine songs, etc. A song is a creation and as such, has a soul. Each song has a lineage through which it came to you. When you sing, you not only call upon the original energy or intent of the song but the spiritual power of everyone who was a link in the chain that brought the song to you.

Keep singing and “see” the power of the songs entering the water. Eventually, the room around you will “feel full” from the energy of the songs and the spiritual presence of everyone in the lineages of what you sang. When you feel that the time is right, thank everyone for their presence and ask them to bless your singing water.

I like to leave my singing water on the altar for an odd number of days, usually 3,7 or 9. I happen to like Gregorian chants. So, each day that the water stays on the altar I play CDs of chanting monks, Hindu chants and other forms of music that are uplifting to me but that I can’t sing myself.

I store my singing water near my healing altar as it’s something that I use frequently. I use water quite a bit in my altar work and healing work as it’s an excellent conductor of energy and intent. Pour a small amount of the singing water into a goblet or wine glass. Speak to it and ask it to help with your ceremony. All of the songs in the water will aid you!

I keep a small bottle of Singing Water in my purse at all times. I use a spray bottle with a fine mist and I make a mixture of Singing Water, Florida Water and a few drops of Holy Water from a healing shrine such as Lourdes. When I feel the need, I mist my head, the back of my neck, the solar plexus and the feet, as these are areas that, for me, negative energy will try to gather.

I enjoy smudging but some people prefer not to be around smoke. More and more, candles and smudging are not allowed in certain buildings. The singing water makes a nice alternative to smudging and it can be done anywhere. You can steep herbs for different purposes in the water to make your own collection of sprays, and even steep crystals in the water. I keep a bottle of Singing Water that just has salt and a small quartz crystal in it for people who may have allergies.

There are many ways to use the Singing Water. If you decide to try it, please tell me of your experiences with it. Many blessings to you!

Sudden death of a friend

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We lost an old friend yesterday. She died at home, suddenly, from a brain aneurysm. Renee was in her early fifties, a non-smoker who was mindful of diet and exercise. Gone in a flash nonetheless.

Another of our friends has prostrate cancer that metastasized to his bone and brain and we don’t know how long he has. We’ve been mindful of the preciousness of every single moment of life because of what he is going through. We’ve been facing the reality of saying goodbye to him and now another friend died suddenly.

What can I say except carpe diem! Tomorrow may never come my friends! Live accordingly!

Anyone who cares to offer prayers and comforting energy to Renee’s husband, please do so. They had been married over thirty years. When two loners marry, they tend to have a very strong bond which makes the loss of one all the more devastating to the survivor. He will need all the help he can get for quite awhile.

Thanks to anyone to lends their energy to his healing.

Games and Thrones at the Connecticut Science Center


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On Friday, June 9th, the Connecticut Science Center is having a Liquid Lounge event in the evening. This is a 21+ event based in the age of knights, maidens and dragons- and the psychics of Foresight will be there, doing readings and selling Catherine’s books

Looks like a great party. Why not meet us there?

For more information about everything happening and how to get tickets, look here




For more information on Catherine’s books, “Adventures in Palmistry”, “The Practical Empath – Surviving and Thriving as a Psychic Empath”, “The Lands That Lie Between”, “Manifesting Something Better” and her new book “The Power of Your Psychic Dreams” , all from Foresight Publications, click here

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Spiritual Gardening

Gardening is an important aspect of my spiritual life and it’s a way for me to have a positive impact when it comes to caring for our planet.


A few years ago, we had our property certified as an urban wildlife sanctuary through the Humane Society. Why?

Habitat loss is a major threat to our native birds. As a result, 50% of Connecticut’s native bird species are declining, and 17% are on the State’s Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern list. That is: 50 out of 290 regularly or annually occurring bird species in Connecticut are State-listed.

Bees, via pollination, are responsible for 15 to 30 percent of the food U.S. consumers eat. But in the last 50 years the domesticated honeybee population—which most farmers depend on for pollination—has declined by about 50 percent, scientists say. Unless actions are taken to slow the decline of domesticated honeybees and augment their populations with wild bees, many fruits and vegetables may disappear from the food supply.

What can you do? With a little effort, you can improve your property’s usefulness as a wildlife habitat, while at the same time preserving plants that are native to your state.


I ALWAYS wanted a house on a corner lot because of the landscaping opportunity. It is like having two front yards. When I first looked at our property, I could “see” a circular path in the side yard with a huge center garden and flowers growing along the retaining wall and spilling over the sides. I could see it. I wanted it. And I did it. LOL




We started with a small rock garden that featured indigenous wildflowers, a birdfeeder and a birdbath. We expanded each year, adding plants that support bees, hummingbirds, and small animals.

The Humane Society will send you a nifty sign for your wildlife garden and meeting their criteria isn’t difficult. Just visit this LINK, read the info and scroll down to where it says “Get your sign.”

I use a lot of herbs in my spiritual/healing work and also keep fresh flowers on my altars. It was inevitable that my herb garden and flower beds expanded every year. As my grandma was an avid gardener, I dedicated my first herb garden to her and my other ancestors and asked them to bless my garden.

My gardens incorporate many things. My property supports wildlife and indigenous plants, I honor my ancestors and other helping spirits with beautiful outdoor spaces and ask them to bless my garden and my work. When I use my herbs and flowers to make oils, waters and powders I know there’s a lot of love there and that growing my own ingredients provides an excellent foundation for my path.

I had a friend send me dirt and a few stones from Ireland, where my maternal ancestors are from. I incorporated this dirt into my herb garden, along with dirt from my grandma’s backyard and dirt from sacred places around the world.


The garden is a wonderful place to pray, leave devotional offerings and perform healing ceremonies and prayer rituals. After a decade of pouring our love into this land, working with nature, remembering our sacred dead, offering our devotion to spirit…..well, this little patch of earth just sings with incredible energy. It’s such a pleasure to sit in the garden!

We also can our own veggies, jellies, pickles, sauces and soups with organic, heirloom ingredients.

Canning dill pickles from our garden harvest




Thanks for visiting! Hope you’ll get some time outdoors today!


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Hoodoo Gone Wrong

Here’s a cautionary tale for those seeking teachers, especially over the internet.

A former housemate, whom I’ll call “Janet,” became very interested in hoodoo and southern conjure. She stumbled across a guy on You Tube who had a number of videos on this topic. He described himself as one of the few hoodoo teachers available today who is “authentic” and qualified to pass on knowledge. Indeed, in his videos, he did come off as knowledgeable, confident and eager to preserve spiritual and magical traditions that are unique to America. We’ll call him “Bubba.”

Bubba taught root work and southern conjure through private internet groups, chat rooms and private Facebook pages in addition to phone and email contact. His initial fee for new students seemed reasonable so Janet signed on. Things seemed copasetic, at least for a while.

Bubba had promised that he’d make private You Tube videos for his students that would demonstrate hoodoo altar work, mojo bags, jar spells and other work. During the several months that Janet remained involved, these never materialized. In the internet groups there were not many active students and those who were active posted mostly about Mexican Folk magic, Palo and Santeria—which have nothing to do with Hoodoo.

Bubba gave a book list and very basic instructions for hoodoo practices. Students were pretty much on their own and instructed to report the success or failure of their work back to Bubba. Since there was very little guidance or instruction from Bubba and not much interaction between the students it wasn’t long before Janet realized there was nothing for her to learn from Bubba that she could not have gleaned from her own research.

During her time as a student, she’d approached Bubba for divination and advice in private matters and at least in this regard he did seem to have some natural talent. However, trusting a relative stranger with personal information can be a mistake, as we shall see as the story moves on.

Janet decided to cut her losses and end her association with Bubba to find a more knowledgeable teacher. She is not one to hurt someone’s feelings if it can be avoided so she told Bubba that Hoodoo was not what she expected and she was moving on to explore other avenues. She didn’t insult him in any way and was polite and kind in how she handled it. Things seemed to go well, with both promising to remain in touch.

Janet had a full-time job in a retail setting and also sold spiritual crafts on eBay and Etsy in addition to taking college classes. She had also been a tarot reader for ten years and offered readings at local events. A few days after ending things with Bubba, she was called into the office at work. A customer supposedly called and complained that Janet had been rude to them. She was given a verbal warning to be polite with customers and to watch her language out on the floor. Janet hadn’t had any altercations with customers that she could recall and thought this was some sort of mistake.

The following week, she received negative feedback on both her Etsy and eBay accounts which ruined the perfect scores she had on those sites. Right after that, she was called into the office at work AGAIN over a customer complaint and this time she was given a written warning. The weeks went by with periodic complaints at work and negative feedback on her Etsy and eBay accounts until FINALLY the light came on and she realized that it might have something to do with Bubba – but by then it was too late.

When seeking divination and advice from Bubba, Janet had divulged health problems that her boyfriend had which affected his ability to function intimately. She also made the mistake of mentioning him by name and revealing all manner of personal info. Bubba, it seems, was still her friend on Facebook and it didn’t take him long to figure out which “friend” was her boyfriend.

Bubba sent her boyfriend private messages detailing everything he knew about the man’s personal issues and taunted and ridiculed him in the worst ways possible. Janet’s boyfriend felt so betrayed by her having shared his intimacy problems that he broke up with her.

Janet unfriended Bubba on all social media and attempted to sever all connections but the damage was done. Ebay shut down her seller’s account over negative feedback left by Bubba and his cronies and her boyfriend would not speak to her. She was fired from her job over repeated complaints and the icing on the cake was that Bubba and his friends filed false reports on her as a tarot reader on the Rip-off and fraud websites.

Janet had not been unkind to Bubba in any way, shape or form. There was no logical reason for him to perceive her as an enemy or to feel that revenge was warranted. Janet’s only “crimes” were failing to qualify a perspective teacher in advance and in divulging too much personal info to a stranger.

After the fact, we did some research on Bubba and found that his relationships with people and groups always become adversarial eventually—-usually sooner rather than later. He was banned from numerous chat rooms and online groups over his abusive behavior. Not one, but two of the top authors on the subject of Hoodoo have publicly outed him for plagiarizing their work. The list goes on and on.

Use caution in dealing with online readers and teachers! Bubba’s You Tube account has been closed and his blog and websites are gone. I heard he is operating under a new name now! Be careful, good people. Take your time and get to know whom you’re dealing with before any commitments are made.

Did I manifest triplets?

Seriously, I often wonder about this!

When I was pregnant with my first child, for whatever reason, I became OBSESSED with the idea of having twins. Periodically throughout the day, I would rub my belly and pray for twins. I wanted this so much! I would often daydream about having twins, what I would name them, dressing them in cute clothes, etc. I probably devoted several hours a day to this fixation–praying, daydreaming, rubbing the belly and asking for twins day and night.

I was disappointed when ultrasounds showed only one baby! When my son was born, I quickly settled into motherhood and forgot all about my twin obsession. Two years later, I got pregnant again. I wondered why at 4 months along I looked ready to deliver! An ultrasound revealed that I was having TRIPLETS.

Now, I was only 20 years old at the time and about to go from one child to four, overnight. The doctors said it is statistically almost unheard of for someone so young to have triplets without the help of fertility drugs.

I was young, twins do not run in my family and the odds were very much against this happening. So, being a believer in prayer, I often wonder — did I manifest my triplets? Did I surrender myself so much to the asking that Spirit just had to deliver? (No pun intended.) Did I set this in motion? Had I not prayed fervently day and night for twins would I have had another single birth?

What is more, I didn’t just have twins but a third baby. Nothing like overkill!

Needless to say, when I step up to my altar or kneel in prayer, whether for myself or for someone else, I think about my triplets, and I frame my requests VERY CAREFULLY!

Blessings! And Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone!