Spirits can have a sense of humor


My older brother, Wayne, died of liver cancer almost one year ago. He lived a biker lifestyle and although he had a good job, he was a big time partier for most of his life! The partying, alcohol abuse and chain smoking no doubt contributed to the cancer.

wayne memorial card

I dreamt of him a few weeks ago and believe that he has helped me recently, so I thought it time to add his photo to my ancestor/relative altar. I have both photographs and mass cards for most of my other ancestors. But when I dug out the card that was handed out at his memorial service I realized that it was a photograph of him on his Harley, giving the middle finger.

That’s SO HIM, but not really appropriate for an altar. When I was looking at the card I could almost hear him laughing about it. I said out loud, “You probably think it’s funny that I won’t use that card. Please show me a sign that you can hear me.”

I logged onto Facebook and noticed that my deceased brother’s daughter-in-law, with whom I remain in contact, posted the joke below just moments before I logged on. So right around the time I asked him to show me a sign, this was sent to her and she posted it.


Honestly, if you had ever known him, you’d know how very Wayne-ish this is. There’s no doubt in my mind that he had something to do with this. It really made me laugh and reassured me that he’s around and looking out for me!

He was not at all religious and was known for his irreverent jokes and behaviors–so this is just the sort of thing he’d do. I acknowledge and thank spirit for the contact–no matter what form it takes.


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