The Doctrine of Signatures — for everyone

I have Christian friends who are more orthodox and think it’s wacky for new age people to wear crystals around their necks or offer incense to their ancestors. I also have plenty of friends on earth-centered paths who view Christianity as a tradition that doesn’t acknowledge the magic that is all around us. Surely, somewhere in the middle are truths that almost everyone could agree on?

I see all creations of the Divine as having a soul or as containing the essence of the Divine within them. I also view every creation as having a divine purpose, although it may be one that we never understand in this lifetime.

I view the Doctrine of Signatures as applying to rocks, as well as to plants and animals. Christian friends may want to read the Books of Moses with a hi-liter and note every time the Lord commanded that a particular plant be used in an anointing oil or a particular spice be used as incense or that particular wood and stones be used in the creation of altars and ritual objects.

If trees, stones and plants had no particular spiritual attributes and no properties of unseen significance there would be no reason for the Lord to be so specific in his instructions on the building of altars, the burning of incense, the making of anointing oils, etc.

Christian friends may find it illuminating to read the Bible with the goal of looking for clues as to the spiritual attributes of everything around us. Some of those on earth-centered paths have never considered that new age concepts aren’t so new after all. At least as far back as the time that the books of Moses were written there was an awareness of the spiritual properties of plants and stones. Whether this awareness comes from the divine revelation of Prophets or was obtained by some other means by those who wrote the books is a matter of opinion and of faith.

Either way, it gives everyone something to think about. At least, I hope it does,


One thought on “The Doctrine of Signatures — for everyone

  1. It pains me to say this, but you are correct. I was born Catholic, but we, as a religion, are not raised as Christians. There is one God, who has many names. We were not allowed to read the bible when I was young. No one ever explained why. Later we were allowed to read the New Testament, but only selected parts of the old. Now I’ve read it, and I understand why. They didn’t want us to read God’s reasons for creating the earth, and everything on it.


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