Sudden death of a friend

gardenjune262013 035

We lost an old friend yesterday. She died at home, suddenly, from a brain aneurysm. Renee was in her early fifties, a non-smoker who was mindful of diet and exercise. Gone in a flash nonetheless.

Another of our friends has prostrate cancer that metastasized to his bone and brain and we don’t know how long he has. We’ve been mindful of the preciousness of every single moment of life because of what he is going through. We’ve been facing the reality of saying goodbye to him and now another friend died suddenly.

What can I say except carpe diem! Tomorrow may never come my friends! Live accordingly!

Anyone who cares to offer prayers and comforting energy to Renee’s husband, please do so. They had been married over thirty years. When two loners marry, they tend to have a very strong bond which makes the loss of one all the more devastating to the survivor. He will need all the help he can get for quite awhile.

Thanks to anyone to lends their energy to his healing.


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