Peace Altar

Peace Altar

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.” ~ Ralph Hodgson

I’m not a child of the new age. I was born in the 1950’s, so I caught the tail end of the pre-Vatican II era. Sunday mass was still in Latin and pretty much everyone in the community was serious about their Catholicism. Nobody ate meat on Fridays, Saturday meant going to Catechism and confession and everyone went to mass on Sundays and holy days.

I left the church in my youth to explore Paganism, Wicca and other paths and eventually returned (at least in part) to my roots. This occurred when I got serious about ancestor reverence and with offering healing, forgiveness and love to ancestors and relatives who made bad choices and caused harm while they were still living, eventually dying with many regrets.

I believe that everything in creation has a “soul”, a purpose (or more than one) and is worthy of respect. As the rocks, plants and animals were here before us, I view them as the elders of the Earth from whom we can learn much. This view does not make me popular amongst most orthodox Christians.

I maintain at least one working altar and half a dozen devotional altars at any given time. I work with the Christian pantheon, ancestral spirits, saints, angels, nature spirits and spirit guides. Regular practices include spiritual baths, candle work, devotional offerings and various forms of prayer – including the Rosary.

Many of the recipes that I use for spiritual baths, anointing oils and incense come from the Bible. The rest come from association with practitioners of traditional hoodoo and Catholic folk magic. In my opinion, Catholic folk traditions have best survived and are still very active within Latin cultures. For this reason, I have interest in Curanderismo and the folk saints of Mexico.

I’m available to my community for prayers, altar work, ceremony, divination and other services as my time and energy allow. There are no fees. All work is done on a donation basis as this is my spiritual path, not a business.

This blog is a means for me to record and reflect on my journey and to share it with others. Thank you for visiting. Have a blessed day!

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  1. I still use the rosary my older brother made for me more than 50 years ago. My youngest brother, the least likely one in the family, is a priest,–a chaplain at my Alma mater, parish priest for the church across the road from the convent, and professor at Brescia University in our small town. Since there is such a shortage of priests here, he is too overloaded with work to breathe, but seems to thrive on it. It’s good to meet you.


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