Did I manifest triplets?

Seriously, I often wonder about this!

When I was pregnant with my first child, for whatever reason, I became OBSESSED with the idea of having twins. Periodically throughout the day, I would rub my belly and pray for twins. I wanted this so much! I would often daydream about having twins, what I would name them, dressing them in cute clothes, etc. I probably devoted several hours a day to this fixation–praying, daydreaming, rubbing the belly and asking for twins day and night.

I was disappointed when ultrasounds showed only one baby! When my son was born, I quickly settled into motherhood and forgot all about my twin obsession. Two years later, I got pregnant again. I wondered why at 4 months along I looked ready to deliver! An ultrasound revealed that I was having TRIPLETS.

Now, I was only 20 years old at the time and about to go from one child to four, overnight. The doctors said it is statistically almost unheard of for someone so young to have triplets without the help of fertility drugs.

I was young, twins do not run in my family and the odds were very much against this happening. So, being a believer in prayer, I often wonder — did I manifest my triplets? Did I surrender myself so much to the asking that Spirit just had to deliver? (No pun intended.) Did I set this in motion? Had I not prayed fervently day and night for twins would I have had another single birth?

What is more, I didn’t just have twins but a third baby. Nothing like overkill!

Needless to say, when I step up to my altar or kneel in prayer, whether for myself or for someone else, I think about my triplets, and I frame my requests VERY CAREFULLY!

Blessings! And Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone!