My NDE and Saint Peter

Forty years ago I had an NDE that included Saint Peter.  Here’s a ten-minute Youtube video that outlines the experience.



Thank You, Spirits! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank You, Spirits!

Thank You, Spirits!

Well, I have been doing intense prosperity work as it’s been a hard winter financially and otherwise. Our income tax refund enabled us to get back in the black, but only just barely. We needed another boost.

This week, the blessings just keep rolling in. It’s astounding! For one thing, my husband’s workers compensation settlements from his two knee surgeries– one almost three years ago — finally are resolved and he will start getting the money they owe just as soon as he goes to the lawyer’s office to sign the paperwork.

Someone who’s owed me several hundred bucks (for so long that I actually forgot about it) just contacted me out of the blue and is sending a check this week.

Plus, I keep getting phone calls and emails for readings and people are calling my husband for work also. So we both will be fairly busy for the next two weeks–and this is a good thing.

I bought some flowers and a bottle of wine today and offered these as gratitude on my altars. Thank you, spirits! It’s so good to have the stress lifted!


Vintage St Joseph Statue from St. Joseph School in New Orleans, Louisiana

Saint Joseph

I have not visited eBay in quite some time and suddenly had this inclination to check it out yesterday. I was lucky to find this vintage, Italian plaster saint that was recently restored by a professional conservator.

This is a wonderful piece of old New Orleans nostalgia as it is from one of the most beloved Roman Catholic schools in the Crescent City. This statue was often used by the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul in classroom “Saint Joseph Altar” celebrations, a time honored Italian American tradition in New Orleans.

It was made in the 1920’s. I love the energy of old things that have been prayed with many times over. They represent an existing path to Spirit made with love and devotion over many decades.

I can’t wait to add Saint Joseph to my altar. He should arrive by the end of the week.