Why spiritual advisors require a consultation

Mosesand Ciprion

A lot of people like to come to me for readings as, here in the northeast, you don’t see a lot of people using bone oracles. If all you’re interested in is a reading, you can just contact me to schedule one and there doesn’t need to be a lot of discussion about it.

But if you’re interested in any other sort of work be it healing/cleansing, altar work, ceremony, etc., then a CONSULTATION is a must and is simply a slightly more elaborate version of a reading.

There are a variety of reasons why a consultation is necessary and I will outline a few of those here:

Is your issue addressable with this work? We should not approach prayer or magic as if we are little children who should get everything we want because we’ve been good. What you want or the outcome that you are trying to achieve may not be in your best interest (in ways that you cannot see right now). Your goal may not be achievable or it may not be achievable through working with me— which brings me to the next point.

I may not be the right spirit worker for you! This is a heart-centered path that is dependent on faith and partnership. The strength of the spirit worker’s relationship with the Divine and with their saints and spirit guides will affect the outcome of your work with them, but so will your ability to petition your own ancestors and to try and work in partnership with all involved— whether living or in spirit.

You and the spirit worker and each of your ancestors and spirit helpers must all work in partnership with the Divine and with the powers of heaven and earth to support your path and accomplish your goals. That’s a lot of interconnecting pathways that can lead to actual miracles when things are right but be frustrating and disappointing if the rapport and the potential for trust are not there.

I’m not the grand poobah of spiritual work. I‘m not going to be right for everyone. Exploring the connections between us and the spirits we each work with is part of the consultation and is not a process that we can skip.

Humility and gratitude: I petition the spirits and humbly ask for their intercession, I do not make demands. This is a path of “empowerment” through reciprocal relationships and partnerships, not a contest of wills.

If you are awed and humbled each time spirit reaches out to you or grants you a blessing then we have a chance at being able to work together.

Areas of focus: My areas of focus are work for our ancestral dead and healing work for both the living and the dead; also prosperity work. I have successfully done altar work and petitions for other issues and will certainly do so again, but healing and support for the living and the dead is really where my heart is.

Relationship issues can frustrate people to the extreme and tempt them to put their ethics and common sense on the back burner. Please note that I usually will NOT take on a relationship issue as my first effort for a new client.

Ethical spiritual advisors won’t accept work without doing a consultation first to make sure that their spirits would be supportive of the work and to address the issues I’ve listed here. You can see why old school advisors won’t get involved with internet and phone work.

This pretty much sums up why a consultation is necessary for any service other than a reading. Thanks for reading this! Many blessings to you.


Spirits can have a sense of humor


My older brother, Wayne, died of liver cancer almost one year ago. He lived a biker lifestyle and although he had a good job, he was a big time partier for most of his life! The partying, alcohol abuse and chain smoking no doubt contributed to the cancer.

wayne memorial card

I dreamt of him a few weeks ago and believe that he has helped me recently, so I thought it time to add his photo to my ancestor/relative altar. I have both photographs and mass cards for most of my other ancestors. But when I dug out the card that was handed out at his memorial service I realized that it was a photograph of him on his Harley, giving the middle finger.

That’s SO HIM, but not really appropriate for an altar. When I was looking at the card I could almost hear him laughing about it. I said out loud, “You probably think it’s funny that I won’t use that card. Please show me a sign that you can hear me.”

I logged onto Facebook and noticed that my deceased brother’s daughter-in-law, with whom I remain in contact, posted the joke below just moments before I logged on. So right around the time I asked him to show me a sign, this was sent to her and she posted it.


Honestly, if you had ever known him, you’d know how very Wayne-ish this is. There’s no doubt in my mind that he had something to do with this. It really made me laugh and reassured me that he’s around and looking out for me!

He was not at all religious and was known for his irreverent jokes and behaviors–so this is just the sort of thing he’d do. I acknowledge and thank spirit for the contact–no matter what form it takes.

Thank You, Spirits! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank You, Spirits!

Thank You, Spirits!

Well, I have been doing intense prosperity work as it’s been a hard winter financially and otherwise. Our income tax refund enabled us to get back in the black, but only just barely. We needed another boost.

This week, the blessings just keep rolling in. It’s astounding! For one thing, my husband’s workers compensation settlements from his two knee surgeries– one almost three years ago — finally are resolved and he will start getting the money they owe just as soon as he goes to the lawyer’s office to sign the paperwork.

Someone who’s owed me several hundred bucks (for so long that I actually forgot about it) just contacted me out of the blue and is sending a check this week.

Plus, I keep getting phone calls and emails for readings and people are calling my husband for work also. So we both will be fairly busy for the next two weeks–and this is a good thing.

I bought some flowers and a bottle of wine today and offered these as gratitude on my altars. Thank you, spirits! It’s so good to have the stress lifted!


Visitation from my brother


My eldest brother died a few months ago. We were not close as he was 9 years older than me and as adults our lifestyles were entirely different.

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch with some personal stuff and he spoke of this in a dream I had of him a day or two ago. He and I were walking around in a wooded area with a lot of stone bridges and pathways. He was young and healthy and looked as I remembered him looking about 30 years ago.

In this dream, we felt close. It was as if whatever kept us from being close here was no longer in force now that he’s in spirit. He told me that he knew there were problems in the family and that he is doing what he can to help from the other side.

I woke up from this dream and it was morning. I sat up with that odd feeling you get when you know that a dream was not just a dream. I’m positive this was a visitation and I’ve been lighting candles and doing altar work for him ever since.

The dream has really stayed with me, bubbling up from the depths several times a day.