Visitation from my brother


My eldest brother died a few months ago. We were not close as he was 9 years older than me and as adults our lifestyles were entirely different.

I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch with some personal stuff and he spoke of this in a dream I had of him a day or two ago. He and I were walking around in a wooded area with a lot of stone bridges and pathways. He was young and healthy and looked as I remembered him looking about 30 years ago.

In this dream, we felt close. It was as if whatever kept us from being close here was no longer in force now that he’s in spirit. He told me that he knew there were problems in the family and that he is doing what he can to help from the other side.

I woke up from this dream and it was morning. I sat up with that odd feeling you get when you know that a dream was not just a dream. I’m positive this was a visitation and I’ve been lighting candles and doing altar work for him ever since.

The dream has really stayed with me, bubbling up from the depths several times a day.