Exploring the Qualities of Good Spiritual Mentors

A few years ago, I felt that I was not living up to my potential and not fully realizing my spiritual calling. I made a list of the people in my life who had been great mentors and I thought about what they all had in common.

This list was diverse, but underneath their mundane and seemingly ordinary identities were certain qualities that they all had in common. I’ve listed a few here!

Spiritual Presence: They were all people who put the Divine and the spirit realm before anything else. My ability to sense Divine presence was magnified when in their company. Just to sit with them was comforting and brought me back to myself when I was feeling scattered.

They walk their talk: The actions of a spiritual person are always in harmony with their words. They speak only what they truly believe in. They let their actions and lifestyle speak for them. They Lead and teach by example and with authenticity

They Distinguish Between Intellectual Knowledge and Spiritual knowing: Seeking after books and lectures makes one knowledgable. Seeking after Spirit makes one spiritual. While my mentors had great knowledge in a variety of topics such as plant medicine, indigenous ceremony, divination, etc. — they never labored under the illusion that knowledge gave them spiritual power. Their skills were often a useful vehicle for the expression of spiritual power and those who spent time around them eventually figured out this distinction.

They have great humility: My mentors gave all credit to the Divine. They never boasted of their healing abilities or psychic talents, nor did they brag about their skills. Most of my mentors worked directly with the spirit realm and gave all credit to the spirits and their higher power for the efficacy of their work and practices. They all had a servant’s heart and a desire to lift others up. They were humbled and awed that spirit would choose to work with them and they dedicated themselves to being worthy of that partnership.

They are not materialistic: They either did not charge for spiritual services or charged a reasonable fee.Spirituality dominates their life because it is a divine calling, not a career choice. They recognize that they are serving something larger than themselves and their own objectives.

They lived, breathed and taught gratitude: Good spiritual leaders influence more than they direct, and they inspire more than they instruct. No where is this more apparent than in the gratitude they ceaselessly express.

They don’t cast pearls before swine: Anyone who truly works with spirits has certain obligations to them. If they teach you their practices and ceremonies they become accountable to the spirits for what you do with that information. Therefore, they’ll want to know about your character, ethics, history and spiritual inclinations before they teach you anything about the finer points of their practices and the details of their ceremonies.

They’ve worked hard at their relationships with the spirits and they aren’t going to jeopardize that for money or for the ego-stroke of having others fawning all over them and asking them for mentoring.

This list of attributes can have us walking away from the very people who have the most to offer. How many times have we mistakenly assumed that a spiritual speaker who doesn’t offer a lot about their personal practices must lack real experience? Or at a psychic fair, picked a reader based on how they looked?

A powerful mentor can be an uneducated old man with bad teeth or an unassuming granny who doesn’t care much for appearances. While looking for your next teacher, look with the eyes of the heart and strive to be the kind of student that teacher would want to work with!