Unexplained Phenomena: It’s raining Rocks

I promised a friend that I would occasionally post some of my experiences with unexplained phenomena, ghost stories and the like. I won’t post on spiritual matters that involve personal gnosis or the details of certain ritual practices, but most other things are fair game.

This is a story from my childhood that I won’t forget if I live to be one hundred! It was the middle of October in 1969. The only reason I remember the date so well is that my great Uncle Harry had died a few days before this happened.

We were living on the 3rd floor of a 3-family house in the Fair Haven section of New Haven, Connecticut. We had been away, staying at my grandmother’s house during the time of Uncle Harry’s funeral.

There was a lady on the first floor named Joan Santa Maria (our neighborhood was VERY Italian). Joan and my mom were both divorced parents at a time when that wasn’t common so they really bonded and were pretty good friends.

Shortly after we arrived home from my grandmothers, Joan came upstairs to see how my mom was holding up after the funeral. My younger brother was in the living room playing with his toys. I had taken a bath and came into the kitchen in my bathrobe to ask my mother something.

All of a sudden, there was a weird feeling in the air, as if the air were thick. I immediately started feeling like there was air swirling all around me, and there was almost an electrical, “sparky” sort of quality to it.

I wanted to leave but it was as if my feet were glued to the floor. At first it seemed like the adults weren’t noticing or experiencing any of this, then, all of a sudden Joan asked my mom, “Audrey, do you feel that? What is that”

No sooner were the words out of her mouth when hundreds of tiny stones began pouring out of a solid wall in our kitchen. The sound they made was like a deafening rain. There were noises like thunder and the entire house seemed to be shaking.

I heard my little brother scream in the other room. He came to the doorway of the kitchen, looked at the rocks pouring out of the wall and then dove under a coffee table and pushed his face into the carpet.

I was scared witless. All of a sudden, Joan’s kids started screaming down on the first floor, “Mommy, Mommy, what is that? Where are you?” The rocks very abruptly stopped pouring out of the wall. All the noises quieted and the air seemed to return to normal.

Joan ran downstairs to check on her kids. My mom walked over to the wall and started feeling for holes and checking to see if she could find a mundane reason why this happened. These were old style plaster walls with wallpaper over it, and it was all intact.

Wolcott Street apartment

Wolcott Street apartment

Here is a photo of me taken in that same kitchen. Those light streaks all over appeared in a lot of photos taken in that house.

Anyway, the rocks had bounced all over the floor and disappeared except for 3 or 4 or them, which my mom wrapped in a cloth and put on top of the refrigerator. The next day, she called her friend, Beverly San Marco. (Yes, another Italian name!) Beverly was a gifted psychic medium who was well known and in demand around the neighborhood.

They often got together in small groups to get readings from Bev and these gatherings often took place in our house. So I was accustomed to spiritual phenomena. This blew away anything that had ever happened before and I remember having a hard time falling asleep over the next few nights.

Mom had a meeting with Beverly the next day to talk about the rocks. I went to school and since I was just a kid mom never discussed it with me again. When I would bring it up, she’d tell me to forget about it. As if I ever could!!

Curiously, when mom and Joan asked the lady on the 2nd floor if she had heard anything, she said that she had not. I was 11-years old when this happened and if it weren’t for the three other witnesses near me and the kids downstairs, I might be able to convince myself that I imagined it.

But, no! We all heard and saw it. Incidentally, when we got up in the morning, the rocks on top of the fridge were gone.

So here’s my first story of unexplained phenomena. I hope you enjoyed it.