Singing Water

Mosesand Ciprion

My first spiritual mentor taught me how to make “singing water” which I have used with good results ever since. I’ve never read anything about singing water in books and have never heard anyone speak of it. I have shared this privately with a few people over the years and they also love the practice and have had success with it, so I thought I’d share it here.

I maintain at least half a dozen altars but generally clear a space on my healing altar to make the singing water. I buy a gallon of spring water for this purpose. There are other types of waters that I make that involve collecting rain water during certain times of the year. You could use rain water collected during a time that is meaningful to you if you wish to do so. I don’t do that because I offer a small amount of the Singing Water to clients who come for readings and spiritual work. Some people feel better about drinking bottled spring water as opposed to rain water, that’s why I use it.

You may time the making of the Singing Water to a lunar phase, a day of the week, a holy day, the feast day of a patron saint, etc. Any timing or ceremonial practices that are going to make it more meaningful to you can be added.
If you’re a healer and have particular deities and spirit guides that you call upon for help, it would be wise to have them represented on the altar at this time. Before I place the bottle of water on the prepared altar I smudge it with either sage, Palo Santo or a good resin incense. I follow that by anointing the bottle with Holy Oil.

Standing or sitting in front of the altar, I open my heart to the water and speak to it as a living being who can hear and understand me. I ask it to bless anyone who comes in contact with it with health, peace, prosperity, joy and love. I ask all spiritual beings whom I work with to bless the water as well.

Finally, I begin to sing spiritual songs and chants to the water. These can be Christian hymns, Pagan chants, medicine songs, etc. A song is a creation and as such, has a soul. Each song has a lineage through which it came to you. When you sing, you not only call upon the original energy or intent of the song but the spiritual power of everyone who was a link in the chain that brought the song to you.

Keep singing and “see” the power of the songs entering the water. Eventually, the room around you will “feel full” from the energy of the songs and the spiritual presence of everyone in the lineages of what you sang. When you feel that the time is right, thank everyone for their presence and ask them to bless your singing water.

I like to leave my singing water on the altar for an odd number of days, usually 3,7 or 9. I happen to like Gregorian chants. So, each day that the water stays on the altar I play CDs of chanting monks, Hindu chants and other forms of music that are uplifting to me but that I can’t sing myself.

I store my singing water near my healing altar as it’s something that I use frequently. I use water quite a bit in my altar work and healing work as it’s an excellent conductor of energy and intent. Pour a small amount of the singing water into a goblet or wine glass. Speak to it and ask it to help with your ceremony. All of the songs in the water will aid you!

I keep a small bottle of Singing Water in my purse at all times. I use a spray bottle with a fine mist and I make a mixture of Singing Water, Florida Water and a few drops of Holy Water from a healing shrine such as Lourdes. When I feel the need, I mist my head, the back of my neck, the solar plexus and the feet, as these are areas that, for me, negative energy will try to gather.

I enjoy smudging but some people prefer not to be around smoke. More and more, candles and smudging are not allowed in certain buildings. The singing water makes a nice alternative to smudging and it can be done anywhere. You can steep herbs for different purposes in the water to make your own collection of sprays, and even steep crystals in the water. I keep a bottle of Singing Water that just has salt and a small quartz crystal in it for people who may have allergies.

There are many ways to use the Singing Water. If you decide to try it, please tell me of your experiences with it. Many blessings to you!