References and Testimonials

jeanne art show
Miss Jeanne 
The Blue Owl Tattoo, Waterbury, CT

“An unique, comforting and inspiring experience!”


Marie Chase Alone

Wayne, NE

” Lori is a powerful ceremonial presence!  Ask her to sing!”


Sharon McDowell

 Adjunct Faculty Member at University of Bridgeport

Lori is the genuine article. Several years ago I was lucky enough to receive mentorship from her and I continue to carry her lessons with me to this day. Her teachings have allowed me to restructure my path in a healthy and meaningful way while instilling a deep and enduring respect for indigenous cultures through her grounded and authentic teachings.


Nina Marie Palagonia

See Lori for a bone reading. They are incredible!  And if the opportunity arises to participate in ceremony with her then I highly recommend that you do so!  She is a gifted ceremonial singer.”


Terri Cisero

Terri’s Treasures

“I’ve been a client for nearly twenty years and highly recommend Lori for bone readings, healing and altar work and group ceremonial experiences.  The bone reading is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. “


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