Bone Divination


Bone Divination ~ Consultation

My bone bundle is actually an assortment of bones, stones, wood, shells and assorted curios that has evolved quite a bit over the past 15 years. I make no claim that my bone readings are Zulu, Native American, “authentic hoodoo style” or any other style. It’s simply something I was drawn to do so I partnered with Spirit until I developed something that works for me.

When I first started putting my bone bundle together I sought the input of several people whom I respected, but by and large it is a result of partnership with the ancestors, animal spirits and other helping spirits represented by the bundle’s contents.

When I first started my bundle I had just begun doing a lot of healing and prayer work for my ancestors. My initial work with the bundle was completely private. I used it, along with various offerings, prayers and ceremonies to offer and ask for healing and peace for my ancestors, to strengthen my connection to them and other guiding spirits, to increase my ability to communicate with them and to ask for their blessings and guidance.

Slowly but surely, my bone bundle grew. Eventually, I started offering readings for family and friends who, in turn, referred others and so on down the line. For many years, I did Tarot and mediumship readings but I completely gave that up a number of years ago. Consulting the spirit realm with the bone bundle is the only form of divination that I offer.

Sessions with the bone bundle are not for everyone. Although a reading can reveal trends and probable outcomes it should not be undertaken with “predictions” as its primary focus. Remember, psychics may predict, but prayer provides! The spirits share what they want to share and then advise us how to best support your life with prayer, altar work and ceremony, etc.

To schedule a reading or consultation use the contact form on this site or email me at ancestralSOULutions at gmail (dot)com and I’ll send you my phone number.

Thanks for your interest. Many blessings to you!


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