Thank You, Spirits!

Thank You, Spirits!

I’m available to the community for prayers, altar work, ceremony, divination and other services. However, I view this as a spiritual calling, not as a career choice, which is why there aren’t any Paypal buttons or 24-hour psychic phone lines on this site.

These days, it seems like there are a gazillion websites out there offering psychic readings and various forms of healing. Folks are accustomed to considering a list of services and picking the one they want to try. I don’t operate that way. I work in a way that most people aren’t accustomed to but once they get used to it, my clients tell me that they prefer it.

With the exception of Bone Bundle divination and the prayer work that I have listed under “public services,” all other work is only available after a consultation. Please click HERE to learn why I do things this way.

All work is offered on a donation basis. There’s no fee structure, no hidden charges, etc. Really. There’s no “catch.” You won’t arrive for a consultation only to be pressured into fee-based services. I have nothing to sell to you, no books to promote, no workshops to fill, no tickets for retreats or events that I need to sell.

Candles, therapeutic grade oil, flowers and other items that I use in my work are not free. Of course I hope that people who can afford to donate the going rate for similar services will do so, but I don’t turn away anyone who cannot.

I don’t hire myself out as a “psychic. Being a “psychic” isn’t synonymous with being a spiritual person. One could be an agnostic or atheist who does not believe in a higher power or spirits at all and yet still be highly intuitive and give a decent psychic reading.

By contrast, a spiritual advisor or spirit worker believes in Divine power and works closely with the spirit world, hence the name. Their path relies more on their faith and on reciprocal relationships with spirits and less on personal talents or book knowledge.

If I had to define my work in one statement I would say that I aim to spiritually support individuals in my community through prayer, ceremony, altar work, divination, healing ritual and other practices that are all fueled by faith!

Remember, it’s not predictions, but faith, prayer and positive action that’s going to help you prosper, prevail over adversity and provide for your needs – body, mind and spirit.

No internet or phone work: I will occasionally offer divination by phone or Skype for friends or existing clients but no other services can be offered that way. I don’t do “distance” healing, phone readings or any other work by phone or email.

Religious differences do not matter: The greater your connection to the Divine, the greater the chance of success in the two of us working together towards some of your goals. Just about every aspect of my path and my work focuses on partnership and finding points of harmony to generate positive results. I have a Catholic background but if a Pagan, Heathen or Wiccan loves and serves the Divine then I have more in common with them than I do a “Sunday Only Christian” or a largely secular Catholic who only thinks of God when they’re in trouble.

Thank you for reading this. Have a blessed day.

Kelly's Peosperity Work


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