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San Cyprian

The Focus of My Work

I have two basic areas of focus: One is work for our ancestral dead and the spirit realm; the other is work for living beings, including the earth itself. Work for our beloved dead is probably my favorite as not enough people think of them or try to do anything for them.

Whether for the living or the dead, work is done on ALTARS. I have at least one working altar and half a dozen devotional altars at any given time. Saints for whom I offer ongoing, daily devotions include Saint Peter, Saint Michael, Saint Jude, Saint Joseph, Saint Cyprian and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I also work with ancestors, folk saints and spirit guides.

The spirits and saints are friends and I treat them as such. No one wants a friend who only calls on you when they want a favor. Therefore, I keep my offerings and candle vigils going for them almost constantly, not just when I am making petitions for myself or a client.

For our beloved dead I offer prayers, rosaries, Novenas and offerings of food, flowers and incense. I honor the feast days of my patron saints and also have mass said for my ancestors on a regular basis.

For the living, other than divination, the service that is requested most often is that of a cleansing or healing ritual. I am NOT a shaman or a Reiki practitioner and I don’t have any special abilities. Nonetheless, folks seem love this and feel that it helps so I will continue to offer it. If any benefit is derived from your session you can thank God, the Saints and your ancestors as that is whom I petition to come to your aid.

Your body may come in contact with Holy Water, herbs and other natural items in addition to my hands. If this is objectionable, then I suggest that you do not seek my services.

I do altar work for issues such as prosperity, health and protection but only if I am instructed to do so by spirit during your consultation.

I do not practice coercive, negative or destructive rituals. I cannot help you to change or manipulate anyone else.

Relationship issues can frustrate people to the extreme and tempt them to put their ethics and common sense on the back burner. Please note that I usually will NOT take on a relationship issue as my first effort for a new client.

Thank you for your interest. Have a blessed day!

La Madama


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